10 Signs Your Child Is Ready For Preschool

Determining when your children are ready for Preschool is easy to do if you know what signs to look for. As a parent, you need to know when your child is ready to enter a Preschool and when is the right time to do so. These signs will let you know if you are sending your child to preschool at the proper time. Choosing a Preschool is the first big decision that you need to make as a Parent.

1. Age:

* Most preschools have an age limit when it comes to admitting students.
* Around the age of three years you might start getting prepared to spend time away from your baby.
* Many states have an earlier age of admission to preschool, like two and half, so make sure you find that out.

2. Questioning:

* For example, if you notice that your child is questioning things more often, it can be taken as a sign that your child’s brain wants to develop faster. The best way to encourage this development is by sending your child to a Preschool.

3. Progress:

* You can notice that your child is more independent and can easily pick up anything that you try to teach.
* If you notice that your child is able to understand whatever you are trying to teach him or her then you can get professional help to educate your child.
* So, a progress in grasping skill and memory is a very good sign that your child needs to go to a preschool.

4. Interaction:

* When your child gets older it becomes easier for you to interact for a number of reasons.
* If you notice that it is easier to communicate with your toddler, it can be a sign that he is ready for a preschool.
* Your child’s ability to grasp what is being taught is what can decide the time by which he can be Enrolled to any preschool.

5. Emotionally Ready:

* Emotionally, there are a few things to look for when considering whether your child is preschool ready.
* The first is the ability to say goodbye to a parent or caregiver without too much anxiety. It’s typical to be a little nervous, but if your child cries the entire day, he/she might not be ready to go to a full Preschool program.
* A child who is emotionally ready is more eager to go to school and wants to make friends. He/She might not have the skills to make friends yet, but wanting to make them is a good start.

6. Routine:

* Most preschools have a routine that is followed each day.
* This usually starts with informal morning play while everybody arrives, morning ring, time spent in various areas of the school, break time, tidy-up time, story time and quiet time (which can become nap time for some children).
* Make sure your child is comfortable with a schedule of sorts before he/she starts Preschool. You could try practicing a routine for activities and tasks your child completes at home.

7. Concentration Level:

* Anyhow this ability varies from child to child. Most preschool-ready kids can pay attention to a short picture book being read aloud.
* Activities are typically limited to 10–20 minutes in a preschool classroom. Preschoolers are expected to concentrate on an activity for this amount of time.
* Preschoolers need to be able to follow directions most of the time and to focus on tasks without getting overly distracted.

8. Stamina:

* Children need a lot of physical and mental energy for preschool. Kids who aren’t used to following a routine and being actively engaged can have a harder time adjusting to preschool.

9. Instructions:

* Before sending your child to preschool, you need to know how well does your child listen to and obey instructions.

10. Safety:

* Is your child able to recite information related to parents?
* Is he/her able to answer if asked to recite her name, address, and telephone number?

Remember, each child is different. While one child may be ready and interacting at barely two years of age, others may take until 4 years of age to open up and speak coherently. Putting your child to a good preschool at the right age can also help mold them.

Take your time and patiently look for a school of repute for your toddler, and you will be amazed at how quickly your child will learn!

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