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Helping Children Build a Strong Foundation for Lifelong Learning through Quality Education in Little Elly

There's a popular joke these days that goes something like this - "It's hilarious that one day all of us woke up at the age of 2 or 3 and realized that we existed."

Well, that joke is not too far from the truth! When a child is born, they are capable of producing every single sound in the human language within the first few months. By the time they are 1, they are able to filter those sounds down to the ones of their native language. Over the next year, they are able to speak short sentences and begin processing the world around them.

The development of a child from the day they are born till the age of 5 is immense and has lifelong impacts. In other words, their mind is a sponge that is continually soaking up new information during these formative years. So, how does a preschool come into the picture?

A preschool is your child’s first structured setting in life. They not only introduce your children to pre-reading, letters, numbers, and basic math, but they also teach them how to get along with other children. In fact, numerous studies have shown that students who attend high-quality preschools have better reading, math, and social skills than kids who have not.

Little Elly is among the best preschools in Indiranagar, nurseries, and kindergartens in Bangalore. Since 2003, Little Elly has been committed to nurturing children into confident and curious thinkers and learners. Every program is curated based on the child’s age, while classroom sizes remain small to ensure that every single child receives individual attention to their personal strengths and weaknesses. Little Elly is rightly considered to be among the best nursery school in Indiranagar for the care that is put into the development of the children on a daily basis.

The main focus of all programs is on developing the social skills of the kids through activities that foster teamwork and sharing. Kids are encouraged to play with toys and blocks, sand and water, and of course, with each other so that they are prepared to interact with others their own age later in life. A solid foundation of English and Maths is also introduced to them early through play-based activities that help them imbibe new concepts organically. After all, if children do not play while learning new things LKG & UKG school in Indiranagar, how will they have fun? The curriculum for all programs is experiential at the core, which in turn helps them intuitively understand a logical sequence in everything that they do.

Little Elly Daycare facility in Indiranagar is committed to the children of future generations, simply because they deserve to be prepared with the very best before they begin their formal schooling. Thousands of children and their parents look back at Little Elly fondly, knowing that the skills the children developed during that time period are invaluable. So if you are looking for a preschool that is committed to understanding your child and guiding them to success, you do not have to look any further.

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