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How to Help Your Toddler Succeed in Preschool – Parent’s Tips

As parents, we want nothing more than to see our children flourish and succeed in life. It can often be a confusing journey, but starting off early can help us build a strong and stable foundation for our kids to succeed in life.

Every child is unique in their own way and they should be understood as such so that they receive unconditional love and support from the get-go. Despite that, however, there are a few broad tips that parents can follow outside the best preschools in Indiranagar to make sure that their toddlers feel supported as you nudge them towards success.

Here are 5 tried-and-tested tips from Bangalore-based parents that help your toddler succeed in and beyond the best preschool.

1. Start Reading Early

Reading helps open up whole new doors to your child’s mind. They learn more about the sounds of their language, they absorb new vocabulary, and about the world that they live in. Whether you read to your child or have them read to you, it has scientifically proven benefits to your kid’s development. Our day-care in Indiranagar encourages your children to read, but as a parent you will have to take over in the evenings. Beyond preparing your child for academic success, it also helps you bond with your kid early on!

2. See Them as Individuals

Nothing can be more damaging to a child than constantly comparing them to the conventional parameters of success. Your toddler is their own person and will inevitably have their own strengths and weaknesses. As a parent, it will be your responsibility to recognize their traits and to encourage them to work through them regardless of how their peers are doing.

3. Ingrain Independence

This is an important one. Many parents believe that independence can only be given to their children after a certain age, but in reality, it is a trait that needs to be constantly cultivated. Ingraining independence does not mean that you allow them to commute to our best kindergarten in Indiranagar at the tender age of 3, but it can start out small as well. You can encourage them to do their homework on their own, to pack their own bags, and begin assigning easy chores to them.

4. Let Your Kids Play

If there’s one thing on this list that has been with humans since the beginning of time, it’s engaging in free-play as children. No amount of reading or homework in the world will help your toddler succeed if they don’t play every single day. The benefits are endless, and the best part is that they can organically help your children grow into strong individuals. So, think twice before cutting down on their daily playtime. Our best preschool in Indiranagar is among the best for a reason, and that is because we do not compromise on play-time.

5. Relax

Being a parent can be incredibly stressful, and more often than not, we end up impacting our children’s’ wellbeing directly due to our stress. When your kids are still toddlers, you have the luxury of time. They have years to go, so let them be kids and let yourself breathe occasionally. You will be surprised by how much an easy-going


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