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Screen Time for Kids; How Much is Too Much?

Computers, smartphones, tablets, and several other electronic gadgets have become a major part of day-to-day life in today's scenario! However, this addition is not limited to adults, on the contrary, it has also become a major part of kids' life! Although it is impossible for parents to eradicate the use of these gadgets for kids as they have become the need of the hour.

How Much Screen Time is Too Much?

Researchers recommend that children below the age of 2 should not be exposed to media use and for kids above this age screen time should be limited as well as monitored. The biggest contradiction here is how much screen time is too much! Well, there is no specific answer to this question, but here is how you can get the best out of it!

Monitor what your child watches -

If possible, try to take out some time from your busy schedule to watch with your children. This will help you to know the interest of your child in various aspects. Instead of swapping the channels, try to collect quality videos beforehand. While handing over your gadgets first check the applications and games. Your children should not indulge in false content that they should not know at this age.

Research a bit and pre-decide -

First of all, there should be no television installed separately in your child’s room. Television should be placed in a common area of the house. After your children are done using your gadgets, go through them all over again to check that your child is using them appropriately and correctly. Research a bit for your child that what they should watch or not, what suitable channels they can watch on television, and remove unnecessary channels which will make your child’s mind dumb.

Avoid Commercials -

Avoid screening adult commercials in front of your children. At times of commercials hand over some work to your kids, in the meantime, your kid will not feel bored and will also be away from unnecessary stuff.

Prefer recording programs -

Recorded programs are the best. You can skip commercial ads such as selling junk food and other alike products. You may buy the pack like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. in that you will not have any commercials in between the programs. Well, the fact says children should play physical games which will boost them and also keep them physically fit. Physical activities make their mind attentive and focused.

It is always better to limit the screen time of your children. Encourage creating rules in your house regarding the usage of phones, tablets, and Televisions, which not only applies to kids but also adults. This will make them bind to follow as well as you will be able to spend more quality time together which will eventually strengthen your bond with children.

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