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Little Elly Indiranagar offers holiday camps for children from 2 years to 10 years

School holidays are a time for fun and frolic. But, when parents are working or otherwise occupied, it can be quite a task at hand to keep the child constructively engaged. A good set of interesting, extra-curricular activities making the best use of the child’s time gives him/her a meaningful pursuit in the holiday season.

Little Elly Indiranagar offers holiday camps for children from 2 years to10 years. These programs are designed in a way that the child explores, interacts with others and makes friends. This exposure may also initiate him/her into a hobby or skill that can be explored beyond the camp.

Every child is unique and possesses varied interests. The camps provide a platform for him/her to grow and to be nurtured. Different activities including craft, dancing, storytelling, science projects and sports are covered. To help in the child’s overall development and for better interaction and learning, theme based activities are designed around diverse interests. All exercises are carried out in small age-appropriate groups.

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Our Approach

» Focused, theme based activities and development of key academic skills
» Developing social skills, interaction with peers and teachers using free play
» Enhancing reading and writing skills
» Advanced curriculum for smooth transition to a structured learning and formal school program

Key Areas Covered In The Toddler Curriculum

» Reading and writing
» Optimizing language skills
» Grasping complex language skills
» Understanding of mathematical concepts
» Cognitive development
» Scientific literacy and focus on creative arts
» Learning with art, music and play
» Encouraging sports and extra-curricular activities
» Building team management skills

Activities Involved

» Science and Social Sciences
» Art, music and play
» Drama, puppet shows and skits
» Dance and body movement
» Festivals and special day celebrations
» Field trips to the zoo, vegetable market, planetarium etc.
» Public speaking
» Free play with technology tools

Admissions for 2024-2025 are now open! Call +91 99016 14888 to enroll your child.

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